About The Leaky Quill

The Leaky Quill is simply that — thoughts from this author’s pen, whether they be political, helpful hints, short stories or free thinking.

I was a prolific writer before I started with reFresh. I don’t always write about easy things. I write about things I’m passionate about, and one of those things is this country and the state it is in today. People told me I’d have to stop because I might lose customers. After all, don’t want to make any waves. Right? Wait a minute. Is that right? I’ve had to give that some serious thought over the past few weeks.

As a child, I was an avid reader. I had no real use for television and by far treasured the fire of imagination that a good book would light in me. I’d read late into the night and took on books far beyond my age. I was reading Tolstoy, Dickens, Austen, Lee and others when my peers were reading Lewis, Montgomery, Keyes and the children’s literature of the time. I now adore reading young adult fiction, particularly Pullman and Rowling to name a couple. I’d missed reading those kinds of books as a kid. Not that I’d change my reading path for the world.

Reading is pure magic. It extends the mind beyond the corners of your room. It’s rather like spirit soaring without the funny meditation music. By the time I graduated high school, I had a fifth-year college vocabulary. And most of all, I loved to write. Then, I got married, raised a family and writing moved to the back burner. Oh heck. What am I saying? It became that seldom-used, crazy-heavy cast iron skillet that sits in the oven and nearly gives you a hernia moving it in and out because you’re sure you’re going to use it again – someday.

I’ve written numerous articles for online publications as well as a Celtic fantasy novel (Number two is on the way.) and numerous blog posts for refresh Boutique. One of those was published in the Everett Herald and the Everett Business Journal and led to a full segment on KOMO News 4. My point? I’m not new to this writing thing. What I am new to is not speaking my mind.

They may not be your cup of tea, but perhaps they will make you probe deeper or give you pause to question or wonder or dream.


NOTE:  Intelligent, thoughtful, fact-based and annotated responses are welcome. In other words, if you have a valid point to make, back it up with well documented research. However, you won’t find me responding to verbal attacks or threats or getting caught up in name calling and dung flinging. There’s been enough dung flung. Anyway, I’m likely already on to the next issue because there are so many to choose.

I will say on a corporate level, I have little respect for those who fling insults and threats at those who have done the due diligence — the hard work, while they choose to remain ignorant; sufficing themselves with sound bites, social media backbiting and headline news from questionable sources. Such behavior is just plain lazy at the very least, grossly irresponsible at the worst and not worth the energy required to respond.