Breathe New Life Into Tennis Shoes — And Good Breath Too

Tennis Shoes

Tennis Shoes Are Like Teeth – They Need Polishing Too

You loved them to bits, maybe a bit too much even. And goodness don’t they show it. So how do you get your pearly whites clean again. And no. I don’t mean your teeth this time.

I recently received in a pair of Dansko’s cute little Mary Jane-style, floral tennis shoes. The uppers and insoles were in great condition, but aaaargh the whites were — well — not white.

I could shoot myself because it seems I’ve lost the all important before picture, but I’m going to share the secret anyway.

I tried washing them with cleanser and even using a magic eraser, but what brought them around to like-new condition was Crest™ Whitening Toothpaste. I just squeezed some out of the tube onto a clean cloth and buffed them. It was amazing how easily the shoes came sparking clean.

Prior to treatment they were stained with some sort of brown and yellow stuff. That’s the technical term — stuff. The typical stuff that tennis shoes seem to gather in their day-to-day lives.

As they were, they were simply not up to reFresh’s standards and I was going to have to take a loss and donate them. Imagine how happy I was about that.

Here’s the “after” photo. Good luck with your efforts. Oh! And they may even smell a little better.

Tennis Shoes
These sweet little Dansko’s are at reFresh for just $35.70 (Retailed at $119

Kylie Sabra