A Space to Breathe


Shopping can be such a frenetic experience. We find ourselves running here and there looking for that perfect piece to add to our wardrobe. Loud music blares in the background, people elbow each other in crowded walkways. Is this really what we want when we just need some retail therapy? What if it could be different? What if the pace were slower, more relaxed? What if you could take a break, sit back and sip a glass of iced tea or cider; read a magazine or thumb through a book?  It is my desire to create such an environment.

reFresh provides a brief respite from the day’s challenges. I often see women swaying gently to the music, eyes closed, lost in reverie. They have said that the boutique calms them and I can’t help but smile and inwardly comment, “Mission accomplished.”

Relax with a glass of iced tea.
Relax with a glass of iced tea.


Earrings Blo

I keep the boutique much as I do my home and in many ways it is my home. I’m certainly here more hours. Grins.


Pantone Announces 2016 Fall Colors

I love fall! Yes. I’m yelling that! It is my favorite time of year. I know. It’s only mid-July, but Pantone has announced the 2016 fall color palette, and I’m ready to fix my Thanksgiving in July dinner. July is to the year what Wednesday is to the week and I just need a little fix to get me over the hump. A turkey and a solid review of the Pantone shades and my inventory should do the trick.

Turkey Dinner

And here they are.  Drum roll please. Hmmm. I think I see some of these colors in my dinner.

Fall 2016 Pantone Colors

In addition to announcing a spring and fall line-up of colors, Pantone also chooses one single color that is named “Color of the Year”. For the first time — ever — in 2016 Pantone named two colors as color, I mean, colors, of the year.

Pantone 2016 Colors of the year

Okay. Just who is Pantone and why do people care about their forecasts?

Much like MacDonald’s works to ensure that a quarter pounder tastes the same in Athens, Georgia as it does in Athens, Greece; Pantone works to ensure that “Riverside 17-4028” looks the same everywhere in the world. In addition to the spring and fall announcements of “the” colors, Pantone also works with corporations to assist them with memorable ad campaigns, branding and design — think Tiffany’s and their oh so famous blue. The colors are not necessarily intended to set the tone for fashion, home decor, graphics, etc., but they most certainly do. Rather they are an expression of the times — a universal feeling.

A diverse group of experts makes up the panel that meets to determine which colors make the hot list. They are world travelers and share, including photos, what they have found as recurring themes in color. It is interesting to me that there are worldwide themes that seem to come and go, ebb and flow. It is a subtle reminder that we are really not so different.

Have fun working with these latest colors. Take a look at your current wardrobe and incorporate some of these new colors into the mix by adding a few new pieces. I’ll be showing you examples over the weeks to come of how these colors can work together.

Kylie Addison Sabra


After completing this blog, I got curious and Googled Christmas/Thanksgiving in July. It seems I’m not the only one obsessed with this madness. It is apparently quite a common practice. The observance appears to have it’s roots in Europe. When summer become increasingly and uncomfortably hot, people crave the cold of winter, and celebrating a winter holiday in the midst of a summer heatwave brings emotional, if not physical, relief.

And why not celebrate — again — mid-season? It a joyous time of year and I can’t think of anything more fun than to do it twice without the financial burden of massive gifts and packed malls. Just the fun, ma’am.




Cool It with the Blues

It’s been strangely muggy and frankly a bit miserable these past few days, in spite of the mild temperatures. I definitely felt the urge to cool it down a notch — or 10 — inside the boutique. Blues are the quintessential cooling colors.

Dress (Reversible), Size S/M, $24.00 Blue Blouse (rear view) by Kamarov, Size M, $45.00 Scarf $3.50 Gold Evening Bag by Style & Co., $18.00
Dress (Reversible), Size S/M, $24.00
Blue Blouse (rear view) by Kamarov, Size M, $45.00
Scarf $3.50
Gold Evening Bag by Style & Co., $18.00
Reversible Blue Dress, Size S/M, $24.00
Reversible Blue Dress, Size S/M, $24.00
White Beaded Evening Bag by La Regale, $25.00 Black Velvet Bag by Nordstrom, $18.00
White Beaded Evening Bag by La Regale, $25.00
Black Velvet Bag by Nordstrom, $18.00

A Day at the Beach

Lauren is modeling an outfit perfect for summer days at the beach or a night out on the town. The halter top features a triple ring attachment that adds interest to the piece. The skirt is reversible. The reverse side is a simple geometric pattern and the other layers are not revealed. The silky blues and greens are so reminiscent of the ocean on a sunny day.

Top by Tempted, Size Small, $7.00 Skirt by Kariza (Vintage), Size S/M/L, $31.50 Belt $12.00 Bracelet $8.00
Top by Tempted, Size Small, $7.00
Skirt by Kariza (Vintage), Size S/M/L, $31.50
Belt $12.00
Bracelet $8.00: Necklace $11.50: Model – Lauren: Location Angel Manor – Second Life Grid
Top - Back View
Top – Back View



Pandora is Singing the Blues and So Am I


I know, reading my blog is like getting the Pacific Northwest weather report. With whispers of temperatures approaching the 80s this coming week, I am sitting wrapped in a black sweater and my fingers are blue from the cold. My Pandora radio station is wailing the blues and so am I, which is embarrassing when customers walk in. Hence the blues are heavy on my mind today. So I figure . . . go

Amidst a sea of brightly colored tops and blouses I picked a few fun blues to play with. Blues can be utterly pure, unaffected by the reds and yellows that pull them into shades of lilac or periwinkle, or turquoise and aqua.  Even if they decide to dance with these colorful neighbors, they remain ever blue.

From top left to right. Bue & White by Sonoma Size Small/Petite $5.00; Blue with Black Lace and Sequins by Espresso, Size M, $8.00; Dark Blue with Lace Cap Sleeves by Doe & Rae, Size L $15.00; Turquoise Tank by Tempted, Size S $7.00
From top left to right.  Blue & White by Sonoma, Size Small/Petite, $5.00;
Blue with Black Lace and Sequins by Espresso, Size M, $8.00;
Dark Blue with Lace Cap Sleeves by Doe & Rae, Size L, $15.00;
Turquoise Tank by Tempted, Size S, $7.00

Not to worry, the “tops” corner of reFresh is alive and kicking with color!

The Tops

Color! The Colors of Spring

Winter is tiptoeing out the door and color is dancing in its former place. Dresses, tops, sweaters and jackets in the hues of the season are gracing the racks at reFresh Boutique. Come in and experience the first tastes of the new season.

Separates are a great way to extend your wardrobe. Sweaters layered over skirts or pants. Add a statement  blouse and jewelry, and maybe even a purse to match.

LV Sweater & Skirt