How Clothes Become A Part of the reFresh Boutique Family – OH! And a Gorgeous Coach Bag for Spring

People always ask me if there is anything new and I always answer, “There’s always something new.” I’ve received and placed on the sales floor over 230 items since the first of April. The boutique comprises a somewhat eclectic family. Who might you see on any given visit? And these are just the ones that walked in this month — so far.

reFresh is working diligently to upgrade the quality of fashion we offer. A customer commented, out of the blue, the other day that they noticed the difference. That makes me smile – – big time.

Just in time for spring, this gorgeous Coach bag.

Coach Lavender Bag, Pristine Condition $80
Coach Lavender Bag, Pristine Condition $80





Flash Flash Flash – Ahh The Joys of a Live Model

Time for a break from my avatar as the reFresh model. Ashleigh Lee is the Fashion Merchandising Intern at the boutique.  Her time here is nearly through and I will miss her indeed. We took a break from tagging, bookkeeping and . . . tagging . . . to shoot some pictures.

Thank you, Ashleigh for all that you’ve brought to reFresh this past month. I wish you the very brightest future.

Asheigh Montage

From left to right:

Blue/Green/White Dress: By Crown & Ivy, Size 4, $27.00

B&W Dress: By Brat Star, Size M, $24.00

Ivory Lace Dress: By Encrene , Size S, $27.50

Pink Dress and Scarf: Dress By L8ter, Size S, $16.00. Scarf by Xiane Mei $10.00

Escada Unleashes the RAWR

This is quintessential Escada — a piece that doesn’t just make a statement, it RAWRS! Retailing at around $2500.00, it can be yours at reFresh for a mere $750.00 This suit is in pristine condition. Exquisitely crafted and meticulously cared for. reFresh carries items to please a wide array of tastes and budgets.

Model - Ashleigh Lee, reFresh Boutique's star intern.
Model – Ashleigh Lee, reFresh Boutique’s star intern.

Escada Inset

What’s in the Window? – Crisp Black and Whites

It’s the first day of spring! Finally. I’ve been hinting at it for weeks and it’s finally here. And in joyous Seattle style — rainy and cloudy. Would you have expected otherwise?


Starting left to right —

  • This ivory lace dress would make a lovely wedding dress, if you are looking for something simple with a vintage flair.
    • Necklace – $10
    • Dress – by 726 West, Size S, $35.00
  • Ivory & Black Dress
    • Necklace – by Lia Sophia Kiam Family $65.00
    • Dress by Enfocus, Size 6, $7.50
  • Black & White Dotted Swiss
    • Necklace $14.50
    • Dress – by Alfred Angelo, Size 10, $24.00
  • Black & White Pant Set
    • Necklace $10.00
    • Jacket & Shell – by Onyx Nite, Size L, $35.00
      • The fabric has a silver glitter effect.
    • Pants – by Classiques Entier, Size 10, $20.00


More Freshness at reFresh Boutique

Thanks to the clever work my husband Scott did in rearranging the store layout, the space is open, light and airy. Some would even think that perhaps we did not have as much to offer for sale as before. However, there are indeed five additional racks of clothing. So . . . no worries! There is plenty to explore at reFresh Boutique. Although I would like to see more, we also have a respectable offering of plus size clothing just ready to greet this glorious spring. Clothing is arranged by type and size, so it’s easy to find your way around the store.

We will be hosting parties and events throughout the months and years to come. The lounge area provides a comfortable place for friends, husbands or boyfriends to wait while you shop and try on clothing. And all are free to help themselves to a cup of hot coffee or tea. Sometimes the lounge area becomes a place where hearts are bared and laughter and tears are shared.

I am so grateful that the beautiful artwork of Camille Nasin still graces the store. My own art will join in soon. There is a charm that you can only enjoy with a building that is nearly 100 years old. She is like a dowager countess — a bit past her prime, her fingernail polish slightly chipped, but still embodies the grace and charm of a past age.

reFresh Boutique Lounge
reFresh Boutique Lounge

Toward Back

Evening, sweaters Jackets


Shorts & Skirts




Lovingly submitted,


“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” Clairee Belcher

And I couldn’t say it  better, Clairee.

Baubels & Beads

I’ve been busy busy busy tagging and displaying jewelry. The pieces range from elegant to whimsical from OMG cheap to “gulp” — and worth every penny. Indeed, there is a delectable nugget for everyone’s taste and  budget.

Lovingly submitted,