Cool Morning – Abstract Art by Kylie Sabra – Wrapped Canvas or Art Print

abstract art

Abstract Art in Cool, Calming Tones

As the name implies, this is about the cool colors in shades of blues, purples and greens. The piece is vibrant and would be happily at home in your home, office or a commercial building or medical center.

Abstract art is open to all manner of interpretations, but the bottom line is how does it make you feel? It is calming and catches the eye, drawing one in.

This, and all Kylie Sabra art, is available as a wrapped canvas or art print in a variety of sizes.

Artwork is print on demand and will direct ship from the printer as soon as it is finished.

Shipping is free in the continental United States.

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Cocky – Abstract Art by Kylie Sabra

abstract art

Abstract Art Opens the Mind

Cocky, with its bold colors and strokes makes a strong statement. It is bold and yet will bring warmth to you favorite spaces. This piece of abstract art is digitally painted by the artist and is fully original work. Such art is designed to evoke an emotional response and that response varies with each individual.

Artwork is print on demand and will direct ship from the printer as soon as it is finished.

Shipping is free in the continental United States.

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Anne Klein – Black Rain Coat – Size Large – Like New

anne klein

Anne Klein Raincoat Brings Style to Winter

Features a locking hook front closure that adds lovely detail to the jet-black coat. It is fully lined and water repellent. Silver buttons embellish each sleeve. A partial belt detail adds interest to the back of the coat. The Anne Klein label ensures a quality product.

Best of all it is machine washable and easy care.

 The Details


  • Chest: 42″
  • Shoulders: 16″
  • Length: 36″
  • Sleeve Length: 17 3/4″
  • Waist: 38″
  • Hips: 40″

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Karen Kane – Black Devoré Maxi Skirt – Size Large – Like New

karen kane

Karen Kane Means Quality

Karen Kane is available at Macy’s and Nordstrom’s and other high-end retailers. It’s a product you can trust, and this beautiful Devoré skirt is no exception. It is elegant and yet can be quite playful — depending on how you dress her out.

Did you know?

Devoré, also known as burnout, is a technique applied to fabric — particularly velvet — in which some of the fibers are dissolved away. Then, the fabric is layered over a solid background or lining so that the missing fibers create a translucent effect. The technique debuted in France It truly came into its own in the 1990s with appearances in My Fair Lady and the Royal Ballet. For more information, take a quick peek at Wikipedia.

The Details

COLOR Black over a Cream lining

FABRIC:  Shell: 82% Rayon, 18% Nylon    Lining: 100% Polyester

CARE:  Hand wash. Hang to dry.


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J. G. Hook Red Coat – Size Small – Gently Used

red coat

Nothing Says Glamour Like a Red Coat

This lovely red coat features a button-up front closure. It is near ankle length and will wrap you in warmth. And surprise.  It is is manufactured in the US.


  • Chest: 40″
  • Shoulders: 16″
  • Length: 46″
  • Sleeve Length: 15″
  • Waist: 40″
  • Hips: 45″

Care; Machine:  Wash -Dry Clean

Did You Know?

Max Raab was born into the clothing business in the 20s, apprenticing at his father’s side, but later left the business expressing concerns over the quality and lack of style of the garments. He then moved on to making tailored shirts for women, after observing college co-eds opting for men’s shirts on campus. Throughout the 60s he became synonymous with the preppie style with his venture, The Villager clothing company.
The film industry caught his eye and he purchased the rights to A Clockwork Orange and was later named as Executive Producer by Stanley Kubrick. He went on to produce several other notable films before returning to the fashion industry and establishing J. G. Hook in 1974. He grew it into a $100 million company and later sold it.
Fashion moguls can follow many interesting paths on their journey. Who knew a little red coat could have such an exciting history?


Supplication – Fantasy Art on Photo Paper or Canvas

fantasy art

Supplication is a Fine Foray into Fantasy Art

Supplication, like any art, can mean different things to different people. As such, I really don’t like to explain what it means to me. Suffice it to say that Supplication is a fine foray into fantasy.

Our canvas is a thick 350 gsm 2×1 19 mil, Ph-neutral, poly-cotton canvas that’s perfect for photo or art reproduction. Combined with OEM archival water-based inks and the glossy surface, this canvas will yield the maximum color saturation, contrast and longevity available today.

  • Advantages:
    High saturation
    High contrast
    Deep blacks
    No cracks

Fantasy art is just one genre that Ms. Sabra is drawn to. Kylie Sabra is a digital artist living in the Pacific Northwest. Her gallery is located in Everett, Washington at her store, reFresh Boutique & Art Gallery. 

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Red Cocktail Dress Grabs Attention

Sweet Little Cocktail Dress

Jessica McClintock – Red Cocktail Dress – Size 10 – Gently Used

Every eye will descend up on you as you enter the room in this attention grabbing cocktail dress from Jessica McClintock.

This is a small size 10 and is meant to hug the body closely. So watch your measurements closely. Knee length, sleeveless. Gently gathered from top to bottom allowing the fabric to capture light as it envelops your body. Zippered side closure.

COLOR: Cherry Red (See Color Chart)

FABRIC:  Shell 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex

CARE: Hand wash in cold water or Dry Clean


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People – Paris Cabaret


“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

A woman who carries herself with confidence and pride is beautiful. It does not matter that her weight is not ideal or that her hair is not perfection, or that she is not arrayed in the latest fashions. Something happens to a woman when she is proud of who she is. She is transformed — She is beautiful.

Remember, the reverse is also true. A woman who allows herself to be bowed down by the stresses of life, who has lost faith in who she is; also loses her beauty. The radiant glow is replaced with wrinkles as her face slips into a downward spiral.  Look inward for  strength and beauty. The world will throw you curve balls. Wear a good glove — and a brilliant smile.

Paris Cabaret, by Kylie Sabra
Paris Cabaret, by Kylie Sabra

2 to 3 pricing up to 40 x 60