Pssst It’s a Special Event for Loyal ReFresh Clients

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. One of the perks of being a member of ReFresh’s loyalty program are that you are invited to our semi-annual sales events before anyone else!  You get first dibs on hundreds and hundreds of beautiful clothing that is handsomely reduced to make way for the next season. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity to seriously save and network with other women.

I’m extending this invitation to our Facebook followers as most of you, local folk anyway, are loyalty club members. And let’s face it, I really don’t trust email.

This fall’s event features a French theme. Okay, let’s face it most events will, because I love all things French and the boutique is moving more and more in the direction of having a decidedly French flair. Items that are included in the sale, which are most, will have either an Eiffel Tower tag or a Fleur de Lis tag. Towers indicate the item is 50% off the original price and Fleur de Lis tags indicate the item is 25% off the original price. HINT:  There are very few Fleur de Lis Tags, so most items are 50% off! AND! There is still one full rack of top-quality jeans for only $3.00. Pure madness, you say? Well, it is me after all.

As well there will be an hourly drawing for $25 in store credit — 7pm, 8pm, 9pm.

Equals 50% off Original Price
Equals 50% off Original Price
Equals 25% off Original Price
Equals 25% off Original Price








We will be serving up lovely dessert bites and a faux champagne punch. Yes. I know, punch without the “punch”, but then everyone gets home safe and all are happy.

Green Purses

There are more than 90 handbags on display and certainly not everything on the floor is summer. You’ll find plenty to carry you into the changing seasons. As items disappear off the shelves, I will just as quickly be replacing them.

Fall Purses

I suggest you come dressed to dress. If it suits you, wear tight leggings and a sports bra or cami so you can try on items right on the spot.  The two dressing rooms are likely to be busy.

I’ve scheduled two opportunities for those that can’t get into town on weeknights. So, come to play, laugh, talk, shop and just be girls!


6:00 – 9:00 P.M.



8:00 A.M.  – NOON

Why We Love Handbags

Why do we love handbags? If it were merely a matter of carrying about our daily survival kit — well, a kit bag would do just fine. It holds everything you need. Even has little pockets for this, that and the other. But . . . It does seem to be lacking in character.

Kit Bag

The handbag, for many of us, is an expression of our personality. It says either, “She’s feeling well put together, walking taller. She likes being noticed.” Or, it shrugs and says, “She could carry me every day until my handles crack and the duct tape just won’t hold me together anymore.” They both smile and say, “She loves me.”

Some of us carry the same black bag — because of course black goes with everything — every day, and never give it a thought. For others, though, the handbag is an extension of their wardrobe; no different than donning the perfect necklace or the singly appropriate shade of eye shadow. It simply must all work together.

“So that’s it!  IT’S AN INVESTMENT”


For some, the handbag is a bit of affordable luxury — a status symbol that lasts for years and in some cases actually increases in value. So, that’s it!  IT’S AN INVESTMENT! Well not always,  but still it is a way to tell the world that you know and are passionate about fashion.

Dooney & Bourke $75.00
Dooney & Bourke

It isn’t always about status. The fact is, a well-designed bag will hold up for years, whereas their lesser counterparts might be lucky to make it through a season. We are all individual, with unique ideas about what is an is not important to us.


So. Why do you love handbags?







Over 70 Handbags On Display

I was surprised myself when I did a count.  I just took in some interesting handbags. Brilliant colors replace the golds and blacks previously highlighted.

Evening Bags -- Beaded or Velvet
Evening Bags — Beaded or Velvet

Brilliant Oranges and Pinks -- Make A Statement
Brilliant Oranges and Pinks — Make A Statement
Gold Metals and Designer Etched Leather
Gold Metals and Designer Etched Leather
Orange, Turquoise and Green - Tropical Inspirations
Orange, Turquoise and Green – Tropical Inspirations









Magic of Merchandising

I was frustrated by the lack of surfaces available for merchandising. Merchandising is more than just arranging items for ease of shopping, it’s that little special touch that pulls the eye and adds elegance. By moving the shelves out of the window and down to the floor level, I accomplished a couple of desirable results — much needed merchandising space and a bright open feel to the store. And now you can see the beautiful mirrors and chandeliers from the street. I hope you enjoy the changes.

Letting in the light



Golden bags




A True BOGO Sale – Starting February 1st

BOGO Sale WebMy husband simply goes nuts when he sees ads for BOGO sales, and then the fine print says the second one is half price. “Noooooo!” he rails, utterly incensed. “That is just wrong! That is not what BOGO means.” And so it goes for another few blocks after we’ve passed the offensive sign. So, would I dare to do anything other than a true BOGO — Buy One Get One FREE?

The dust is still settling as we refine our new business to suit our style, and you reap the benefits as we start clearing out the winter inventory to make way for spring and summer. Starting today, February first, reFresh Boutique will be holding a true BOGO sale. The sale will continue until further notice. Purchase one item and choose a second item of equal or lesser value for free.

And who, you might wonder, lives behind the glass at reFresh Boutique? What ghosts lurk in the shadows as you shop? It is a fine parade of threads that host the imprints of some of the world’s most respected designers, be they contemporary or vintage. Perhaps a little number by Michael Kors will capture your fancy, or Ann Taylor. Peek around another corner and Mary Frances Purse Outsideyou’ll see Cabi, Banana Republic, Nordstrom. The list of fine designer houses is overwhelming. A beautiful Kate Spade tote would make shopping a pleasure. A most stunning purse by Mary Frances or Coach would adorn your arm in impeccable style.

Shoes, boots and handbags galore, for all of you shoe fanciers, reFresh is your haven.