A True BOGO Sale – Starting February 1st

BOGO Sale WebMy husband simply goes nuts when he sees ads for BOGO sales, and then the fine print says the second one is half price. “Noooooo!” he rails, utterly incensed. “That is just wrong! That is not what BOGO means.” And so it goes for another few blocks after we’ve passed the offensive sign. So, would I dare to do anything other than a true BOGO — Buy One Get One FREE?

The dust is still settling as we refine our new business to suit our style, and you reap the benefits as we start clearing out the winter inventory to make way for spring and summer. Starting today, February first, reFresh Boutique will be holding a true BOGO sale. The sale will continue until further notice. Purchase one item and choose a second item of equal or lesser value for free.

And who, you might wonder, lives behind the glass at reFresh Boutique? What ghosts lurk in the shadows as you shop? It is a fine parade of threads that host the imprints of some of the world’s most respected designers, be they contemporary or vintage. Perhaps a little number by Michael Kors will capture your fancy, or Ann Taylor. Peek around another corner and Mary Frances Purse Outsideyou’ll see Cabi, Banana Republic, Nordstrom. The list of fine designer houses is overwhelming. A beautiful Kate Spade tote would make shopping a pleasure. A most stunning purse by Mary Frances or Coach would adorn your arm in impeccable style.

Shoes, boots and handbags galore, for all of you shoe fanciers, reFresh is your haven.