Supplication – Fantasy Art on Photo Paper or Canvas

fantasy art

Supplication is a Fine Foray into Fantasy Art

Supplication, like any art, can mean different things to different people. As such, I really don’t like to explain what it means to me. Suffice it to say that¬†Supplication is a fine foray into fantasy.

Our canvas is a thick 350 gsm 2×1 19 mil, Ph-neutral, poly-cotton canvas that’s perfect for photo or art reproduction. Combined with OEM archival water-based inks and the glossy surface, this canvas will yield the maximum color saturation, contrast and longevity available today.

  • Advantages:
    High saturation
    High contrast
    Deep blacks
    No cracks

Fantasy art is just one genre that Ms. Sabra is drawn to. Kylie Sabra is a digital artist living in the Pacific Northwest. Her gallery is located in Everett, Washington at her store, reFresh Boutique & Art Gallery. 

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