Dry Cleaning Costs Set Your Teeth on Edge? Tips from the Girlfriend Corner

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Let’s face it. Some things are just meant to be dry cleaned.

Everyday I see people cringe with regret when they see that dreaded Dry Clean Only label. They sigh and put the desired item back on the rack. These are tips I use time at reFresh.

Dry cleaning is an expensive and inconvenient necessity, it’s true. But, it isn’t necessary every time.

I make use of two different products here at the boutique Dryel and Woolite Dryer Sheets. The Dryel Starter Kit  is about $10 at Walmart.com and includes the dryer bag, four cleaning cloths and one booster spray.

I think the steaming bag is a critical part of the process, but I favor the scent of the WooliteSo, I start with the Dryel Kit then switch to using the Dryel booster spray and bag with the Woolite Dryer Sheets





Tips to Protect Your Dry Cleanable Clothing

  • Act Fast – Don’t let stains and spills sit. Take care of them as soon as possible. Test your fabric in a hidden area to see if it is color safe. You’ll know it is safe when no color comes off on a clean, damp, white cloth. If your fabric is color safe, clean up any spills with a damp cloth before putting the garment away to be cleaned.
  • Deodorant – Deodorant is a big problem with dry cleanables and many fabrics. Avoid white stick deodorants on your evening dresses as they will leave a white, waxy film that is nearly impossible to remove without professional dry cleaning. I’ve found that Secret spray deodorant does a great job for controlling wetness, which of itself can stain your gowns. It is clear and won’t mark your clothing. Be aware that some spray deodorants will discolor your clothing over time, leaving an unpleasant yellow stain that renders them unsaleable. So, if you notice that yellow staining on your clothing, look to a change of deodorant. I’ve had some success in removing white deodorant stains with a wet cloth and gentle rubbing prior to dry cleaning in the dryer.

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Dry Cleaner Sheets

Welcome to The Girlfriend Corner. I’ve been thinking of all the things I use and love in my everyday life, and decided to share them here. It can be as simple as a product or service I use, a restaurant I love or a tip or technique that makes my life easier. I’d like to hear from you as well. After all, sharing great ideas is what girlfriends do.

Dry cleaner sheets? I know. Not terribly sexy. Women come into the store all the time, fall in love with a piece of clothing only to put to back because of three terrifying little words — DRY CLEAN ONLY. As you know, the clothes in the store are washed, dried and steamed before hitting the floor. Of course, I can’t wash wool sweaters, coats or cashmere, so I bring out my secret weapon — dry cleaner sheets.

There are a couple of major brands to choose from and I like specific things about each of them. The first I ever used was Dryel. Dryel requires the purchase of a starter kit, which includes a large zippered bag, a stain/odor remover spray and the sheets. The dryer bag creates a steamy environment, which I think does a better job on the clothes. I’ve more recently discovered Woolite At Home Drycleaner. Woolite does not use a bag to contain the clothes, but I intensely prefer its scent. I think the clothing comes out smelling much fresher.

Prices vary wildly on these two products, so shop around. The Dryel starter kit, which includes four sheets, will run $10.00 and up. You can clean 16 – 20 items with this kit. The eight-load refill is about $10.00 and will clean 32 – 40 items. This is where I switch over to Woolite, but you may be perfectly happy with Dryel. The Woolite six-sheet package costs approximately $9.00 and will clean 24-30 items

dryel    capture

I combine the best features of both to meet my needs and please my sensitive nose. I purchase Dryel for its bag and stain/odor remover spray. Of course, I use the sheets that come with the starter kit, but when they are exhausted I use the Woolite sheets in the Dryel bag. I’ve been using the same bag for months now and it seems none the worse for wear, and I use this method a lot!

Does this mean you will never have to go to the cleaners? No. But it does mean you can go far less often. So, don’t shy away from that dreaded DRY CLEAN ONLY tag. Just a note: Many things that are dry clean only can be hand washed and air dried, although I don’t recommend it for woolens or silks, and I suggest that you do a colorfast test on a hidden area.

Kylie Addison Sabra

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