The Journey – September 4, 2017

I am finishing up my 60th year on this planet and have spent the last 10 of those overweight. It all started when my knees and feet– damaged many years ago ¬†from overuse — began to rebel. My once active, rapid lifestyle dwindled into a sedentary marshland. I failed to adjust my food intake accordingly and — well — you know what happens next.

I’ll be 61 this November and I’m sick and tired of living this way. I recently started work at a huge hardware store and ¬†figured I’d lose weight simply because I was now the polar opposite of sedentary. I walk to work, granted not far, but still I hoof it. Then my day is spent walking from one end of this huge store to another, combined with regular lifting and toting. You’d think the pounds would fall of, right? WRONG! In fact, I’d gained seven pounds at the end of my first 30 days. Something was clearly out of order.

Time to reevaluate.

I happened to be shopping for lunch containers on Amazon when I discovered containers for a program called 21 Day Fix. I was immediately intrigued. I knew I’d lost all sense of proper portions and my new job had me trekking through the drive-through windows far more than I should, simply because my feet ached so terribly that I couldn’t begin to countenance standing while cooking a meal.

The original 21 Day Fix plan is from Beach Body, but there are many spin-offs to be had. Logic dictated that the program made perfect sense and I didn’t have to mess with weighing, measuring and those other hassles that come with most weight control programs. I started the minute my rainbow-hued containers arrived. It’s so simple as to be a bit ridiculous. Really. As in, doh, why didn’t I think of this before?

Once you determine your nutrition requirements (information included in the plan), you simply eat the appropriate number of containers . Each color represents a food group. Simple. No. Really. It’s just that simple. Didn’t take a nutritionist to see that this plan would give me the well-rounded nutrition I needed, the control I craved and the simplicity that was mandatory.

Best of all? When you eat the right foods you can eat a rather impressive amount of food. I’m not hungry. I am able to incorporate a sweet treat at night — every night. I can even have a glass of wine, if I’m willing to sacrifice one of my carb allowances — which frankly, I seldom am.

I completed my third day. This morning I weighed and realized that I’d lost 3.8 pounds in just two days. The real motivating shocker though was to discover that I’d lost an entire inch from my arms, waist, hips, thighs and calves. AN INCH!

Need I say more?

Stay tuned.