Consignment with reFresh Boutique

Consignment or Trade

The Consignment Model

We do a combination of consignment and store credit. Generally, we go out and about and purchase our store inventory, but we love to get new items in from our clientele and guests as well.We have elected to reserve this model for items that on which we will place an initial tag of $75 or more. This permits us to carry more high-end items such as designer fashion and purses.

See our reFresbh Boutique Consignment Agreement . Fill it out as completely as possible and bring it in with you. There are detailed instructions on how to submit your items for consideration.

We pay a flat 35%. The agreement sets forth the details. I realize that some consignment shops pay more, but you may have noticed that many are going out of business as this model does not  work in today’s market with higher expenses and competition from online resellers. A 35% payout is fair to both of us and ensures that we remain profitable and keep our doors open.

Check out 9 Tips to Avoid Consigning Hassles from