Christmas Shopping Getting Too Expensive? Try Thriftmas Shopping.

Christmas Shopping Magic

Christmas Shopping Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

I was doing some research online as I strive to be the master of my own web presence. Sometimes I run across something that just jumps out at me. This morning I encountered the term “thriftmas”. Genius!

Moving on past the fact that this is a prime example of the commercialization of Christmas — well that boat sailed long ago — the word had a powerful impact on me as the owner of a resale boutique.

Christmas Shopping Magic

What if Christmas shopping could be less stressful?  What if you could buy beautiful gifts and still have money left to treat your family to a memorable event during the holidays?

You can! Thriftmas shopping is the answer. Give the gift of fashion that your friends and family will truly appreciate. They’ll think you spent a fortune, unless you come clean and tell them where they can go to find more beautiful clothing at a price they can afford too. In other words, share the love.

Shop with confidence. reFresh Boutique is accepting returns for store credit through January 6, 2017. (Receipt required.) And gift certificates are always a treat.


Christmas Shopping Can be a Joy

Christmas Shopping Should be Fun

Make Christmas Shopping Fun Again

This should be a happy time of year, but we place such pressure on ourselves to provide that “perfect” gift for everyone on our list. It’s an unrealistic dream. Think back to the things that made you happy at Christmas. Was it the toys, or the clothing or the super duper television? Okay I’ll grant that the super duper television may be memorable. Or, was it time spent around a fire Christmas Eve as a loved one read Twas the Night Before Christmas? Was it gathering around a table for Christmas dinner, whether it was with a horde or just gazing across the table at your favorite person. Maybe it was spending the evening downtown watching the Christmas tree lighting or singing carols while sipping hot cider and Christmas shopping without buying. You get the energy without the hassle. Our minds are funny things. The very thing that at the moment, we think is going to bring joy, is fleeting and not the fodder of memories that will follow us into our rocking chair years.

Christmas Shopping can be a joy
Photo by Kylie Sabra at Calas Galadhon Christmas Pavilion in the Second Life Grid

Many holiday activities are free. Take advantage of them. Spending time with those you care about is going to stay with you far longer than what gifts you give or receive. If you are alone this year, then try hooking up with a group on, or find a community caroling group and tag along.There’s not really a way around it, we must do at least some Christmas shopping. There are alternatives to the traditional mall experience. Consider buying gently used clothing for your thrift shop savvy friends. reFresh Boutique is excepting holiday gift returns for store credit through January 6th (requires receipt), so you can shop without worry. Or you can purchase a gift certificate. Christmas shopping at reFresh lets you give a beautiful gift that won’t leave you scrambling for money in the new year.

Merry Christmas