2017 – reFresh Looks Forward to a Bright New Year

bright new year

It’s  a Bright New Year for reFresh

As the year turns over, we celebrate our first year in business. It’s the perfect time to look at where we started, where we are now and were we are going. We get the opportunity to not only evaluate our personal life, but our business life as well.

What’s New at reFresh?

Just a few of the reasons we are embracing a bright new year.

  •  French-inspired decor
  • Boutique style and service
  • Inventory in like-new condition
  • Quality inventory – Think Macy’s and above as well as designer pieces.
  • Separate area for designer fashions
  • All items are laundered prior to coming on the floor.
  • Clothing is marked down every 30 days. (Accessories every 60 days)
  • Easy-to-read price tags (see below)
  • Customer restroom
  • Loyalty Club Program
  • Personal Shopper Program
  • Trade-for-Store-Credit / Consignment program

We’ve made lots of changes, and for those who have not visited since we bought the store, I would encourage you to come back and have a look. You won’t find clearance racks. What you will find are everyday low prices. We start our pricing at 60% (with tags)  – 70% off retail. At the end of 30 days, they are reduced by 20%, then 35% after 60 days and 50% after 90 days. (Purses and accessories are reduced at 60-day intervals.) This means that virtually two thirds of the store is on sale on any given day. Now THAT is a sale!

Below is a sample of our new price tags.

bright new year

We hope you will make reFresh Boutique a part of your bright new year.

Kylie Addison Sabra