Rose Pond Bridge – Landscape Art by Kylie Sabra – Wrapped Canvas or Satin/Gloss Print

landscape art

Peaceful Landscape Art for your Home or Office

A peaceful escape from life’s hectic routine. Perfect in your home or office. Let it take you away to your special place.

Rich in the golden greens and golds late summer, you can almost feel warmth with just a tinge of evening chill in the air.  Landscape art takes you outside your interior spaces and leaves you feeling refreshed and free.

You may want to order a proof print in your desired material, as monitors and printers vary widely.

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People – Paris Cabaret


“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

A woman who carries herself with confidence and pride is beautiful. It does not matter that her weight is not ideal or that her hair is not perfection, or that she is not arrayed in the latest fashions. Something happens to a woman when she is proud of who she is. She is transformed — She is beautiful.

Remember, the reverse is also true. A woman who allows herself to be bowed down by the stresses of life, who has lost faith in who she is; also loses her beauty. The radiant glow is replaced with wrinkles as her face slips into a downward spiral.  Look inward for  strength and beauty. The world will throw you curve balls. Wear a good glove — and a brilliant smile.

Paris Cabaret, by Kylie Sabra
Paris Cabaret, by Kylie Sabra

2 to 3 pricing up to 40 x 60

Landscape – Before the Storm


I grew up in Kansas and Missouri and most definitely remember doing my homework alone in the basement during tornado season.  My parents both worked and I was a “latch-key” kid long before anyone had given it a name. The sky would green up and the wind wail and i just moved my studies to the safety of the basement. I wasn’t afraid. It was just a fact of life for living in that part of the country.

Before the Storm, by Kylie Sabra
Before the Storm, by Kylie Sabra

2 to 3 pricing pdf