We are used to seeing sales at the end of a season or for holidays, but resale is a bit of a different animal. The goal is always to turn over stock. So, in the case of resale, clearance is indeed an ongoing process.

Our discounted tags are indicated by the word “***LOYALTY***” right on the tag. Just check the dates on the tag to see how much your item is today.


If you really like something, it’s best not to wait. Not only might someone else grab it up; I may decide to give it another chance at full price, donate it, or sell it online. In other words, it may not be there, or be at a reduced price when you get back.


Probably the most valuable perk of our membership rewards, is loyalty pricing. These tags offer you 60% – 90% of our original prices. Our loyalty club members qualify for this special pricing. Non-loyalty club members will still enjoy a 50% discount off the original price, but why not enjoy the benefits of membership?  They are free!

So, how do you become a Loyalty Club Member? It’s easy.

All it requires is your name, address, email and your birth month and date. No fees.



Membership Rewards – reFresh Loyalty Club Program


reFresh Offers Powerful Membership Rewards

We offer a customer loyalty program with several valuable benefits.

  • Earn points for purchases. When you accumulate 100 points you will enjoy a 20% discount on your next visit.
  • $20 gift credit applied to your account on your birthday.
  • Invitations to sales not available to the public.
  • Special inventory clearance pricing, known as “Loyalty” pricing that only you have access to.

What is Loyalty pricing?

Probably the most valuable perk of our membership rewards, is loyalty pricing. You will find that some of the tags in the store have the word “LOYALTY” printed right on them. These are clearance items. In the past, I’ve donated such items, but I’ve decided it’s time that those that are closest to reFresh should benefit. As you can see, these tags offer you 60% – 90% of our original prices.

membership rewards

So, how do you become a Loyalty Club Member? It’s easy.

All it requires is your name, address, email and your birth month and date. No fees.



Anne Klein – Black Rain Coat – Size Large – Like New

anne klein

Anne Klein Raincoat Brings Style to Winter

Features a locking hook front closure that adds lovely detail to the jet-black coat. It is fully lined and water repellent. Silver buttons embellish each sleeve. A partial belt detail adds interest to the back of the coat. The Anne Klein label ensures a quality product.

Best of all it is machine washable and easy care.

 The Details


  • Chest: 42″
  • Shoulders: 16″
  • Length: 36″
  • Sleeve Length: 17 3/4″
  • Waist: 38″
  • Hips: 40″

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Karen Kane – Black Devoré Maxi Skirt – Size Large – Like New

karen kane

Karen Kane Means Quality

Karen Kane is available at Macy’s and Nordstrom’s and other high-end retailers. It’s a product you can trust, and this beautiful Devoré skirt is no exception. It is elegant and yet can be quite playful — depending on how you dress her out.

Did you know?

Devoré, also known as burnout, is a technique applied to fabric — particularly velvet — in which some of the fibers are dissolved away. Then, the fabric is layered over a solid background or lining so that the missing fibers create a translucent effect. The technique debuted in France It truly came into its own in the 1990s with appearances in My Fair Lady and the Royal Ballet. For more information, take a quick peek at Wikipedia.

The Details

COLOR Black over a Cream lining

FABRIC:  Shell: 82% Rayon, 18% Nylon    Lining: 100% Polyester

CARE:  Hand wash. Hang to dry.


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J. G. Hook Red Coat – Size Small – Gently Used

red coat

Nothing Says Glamour Like a Red Coat

This lovely red coat features a button-up front closure. It is near ankle length and will wrap you in warmth. And surprise.  It is is manufactured in the US.


  • Chest: 40″
  • Shoulders: 16″
  • Length: 46″
  • Sleeve Length: 15″
  • Waist: 40″
  • Hips: 45″

Care; Machine:  Wash -Dry Clean

Did You Know?

Max Raab was born into the clothing business in the 20s, apprenticing at his father’s side, but later left the business expressing concerns over the quality and lack of style of the garments. He then moved on to making tailored shirts for women, after observing college co-eds opting for men’s shirts on campus. Throughout the 60s he became synonymous with the preppie style with his venture, The Villager clothing company.
The film industry caught his eye and he purchased the rights to A Clockwork Orange and was later named as Executive Producer by Stanley Kubrick. He went on to produce several other notable films before returning to the fashion industry and establishing J. G. Hook in 1974. He grew it into a $100 million company and later sold it.
Fashion moguls can follow many interesting paths on their journey. Who knew a little red coat could have such an exciting history?


Classiques Entier Gold Jacket – Size Large – Like New

gold jacket

Gold Jacket – A Classic from Classiques Entier – Nordstrom’s Beloved Brand

Women’s button-up, front closure jacket. Beautiful woven gold lame that is not too bright. The pattern features subtle circles. The buttons on this gold jacket are square, for a unique detail. Features two front pockets. Short sleeves and squared-off peter pan collar. Full fit and fully lined.

Classiques Entier has long been a respected brand belonging to Nordstrom — a high-end retailer who calls the Pacific Northwest home.

Take this one out on the floor for a little two-stepping fun.

Made in: China

COLOR: Deep shade of metallic gold.


Shell:  44%Polyester, 32% Acrylic, 11% Metallic

Lining: 100% Polyester

CARE: Dry Clean Only

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Michael Simon New York – Black Beaded Sweater – Size S – Like New

michael simon

 Simply stunning Michael Simon New York Beaded Sweater

This beautiful sweater features intricate beaded elephants, lions and tigers. The detailed work is impeccable. Michael Simon started out as a struggling ballet dancer, taking odd jobs here and about to make ends meet. Eventually he bought a loom machine and began making sweaters. Soon his work was the hit of New York’s top boutiques. His small venture grew into a phenomenal success and his sweaters have been featured in top fashion magazines such as Vogue, Style Elle and Glamour. And now he can grace your closet.

Long sleeved, button-up cardigan. The buttons are as intricately detailed as the animals. If you are looking for something unusual and eye-catching, this is the piece.

 Note:  Colors. Monitors vary widely, so there may be some variation in color. The color is best noted in the description. 

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Ann Taylor Loft – Pullover Top in Black/Green/Lavender – Size XL

Ann Taylor Loft Blouse

Lovely Ann Taylor Loft Blouse

Sweet little pullover top in a luscious floral print. Fabric crisscrosses across the front for an elegant detail. Full, unattached lining in the same fabric. Easy to wear and care for. Ann Taylor Loft is well respected for quality and classic style.

COLOR: Black / Crocodile / Pickle  (See color chart.)

FABRIC: 100% Nylon

CARE:  Machine wash. Gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low.



Chest: 42″

Shoulder: 17″

Waist:  35″

Hip:  38″

Length (From back neckline.): 25 1/2″

Sleeve Length: Short

Sleeve Width (opening at hem): 14″

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Red Cocktail Dress Grabs Attention

Sweet Little Cocktail Dress

Jessica McClintock – Red Cocktail Dress – Size 10 – Gently Used

Every eye will descend up on you as you enter the room in this attention grabbing cocktail dress from Jessica McClintock.

This is a small size 10 and is meant to hug the body closely. So watch your measurements closely. Knee length, sleeveless. Gently gathered from top to bottom allowing the fabric to capture light as it envelops your body. Zippered side closure.

COLOR: Cherry Red (See Color Chart)

FABRIC:  Shell 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex

CARE: Hand wash in cold water or Dry Clean


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Coldwater Creek Black Velvet Cocktail Dress – Size XS

Cocktail Dress by Coldwater Creek

Cocktail Dress in Classic Black Velvet

Cocktail Dress by Coldwater Creek

This A-line velvet cocktail dress features 3/4 length sleeves and a v-neck. Hidden zipper back closure, makes it easy to get in and out of. It falls just beneath the knee for a sophisticated look. It is fully lined so it drapes smoothly.

Velvet has such a lovely way of capturing light. Even on black velvet, you see subtle shadows and highlights.

Size: XS (4)

Color: Coal Black (See Blog Post)