Cool Morning – Abstract Art by Kylie Sabra – Wrapped Canvas or Art Print

abstract art

Abstract Art in Cool, Calming Tones

As the name implies, this is about the cool colors in shades of blues, purples and greens. The piece is vibrant and would be happily at home in your home, office or a commercial building or medical center.

Abstract art is open to all manner of interpretations, but the bottom line is how does it make you feel? It is calming and catches the eye, drawing one in.

This, and all Kylie Sabra art, is available as a wrapped canvas or art print in a variety of sizes.

Artwork is print on demand and will direct ship from the printer as soon as it is finished.

Shipping is free in the continental United States.

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Cocky – Abstract Art by Kylie Sabra

abstract art

Abstract Art Opens the Mind

Cocky, with its bold colors and strokes makes a strong statement. It is bold and yet will bring warmth to you favorite spaces. This piece of abstract art is digitally painted by the artist and is fully original work. Such art is designed to evoke an emotional response and that response varies with each individual.

Artwork is print on demand and will direct ship from the printer as soon as it is finished.

Shipping is free in the continental United States.

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Supplication – Fantasy Art on Photo Paper or Canvas

fantasy art

Supplication is a Fine Foray into Fantasy Art

Supplication, like any art, can mean different things to different people. As such, I really don’t like to explain what it means to me. Suffice it to say that Supplication is a fine foray into fantasy.

Our canvas is a thick 350 gsm 2×1 19 mil, Ph-neutral, poly-cotton canvas that’s perfect for photo or art reproduction. Combined with OEM archival water-based inks and the glossy surface, this canvas will yield the maximum color saturation, contrast and longevity available today.

  • Advantages:
    High saturation
    High contrast
    Deep blacks
    No cracks

Fantasy art is just one genre that Ms. Sabra is drawn to. Kylie Sabra is a digital artist living in the Pacific Northwest. Her gallery is located in Everett, Washington at her store, reFresh Boutique & Art Gallery. 

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CHAPS – Plus Size Blue & Rust Pullover Top – Size 2X

CHAPS Plus Size Blouse

Easy Wear Plus Size Blouse

Slight see through. Pair with a Tank in navy, purple or beige. Three-quarter length sleeve, pullover. Three buttons at the neckline. Comfortable and stylish long cut is a great topper for leggings or jeans. Styled with the plus size woman in mind. Generous cut allows it to drape beautifully over tummy and hips. So notes on measurements when you click on “buy me” for further information about fitting.

COLOR: Navy, Purple, Amber, Magenta (See color chart.)

FABRIC: 100% Polyester

CARE:  Machine wash, warm. Gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low.



  • Chest: 54″
  • Shoulder: 22″
  • Waist:  54″
  • Hip:  54″
  • Length (From back neckline.): 28″
  • Sleeve Length: 13 1/2″
  • Sleeve Width (opening at hem): 15″

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Baby Let me Take you on a Sea Cruise — Or, What’s in the Window? – May 1st

Cruise and vacation season is upon us. Romantic dinners in posh restaurants, sipping martinis in glittering night clubs — you want to look like a million, but you don’t want to spend all of your vacation dollars in doing so. reFresh Boutique gives you elegant fashion without breaking the bank. As always, our clothing is carefully curated to ensure you top quality and enjoyment from your selections. Kylie is happy to work with you to put together that oh-so-perfect outfit.

Gold Beaded Top by Joseph Ribkoff Size 6 $67.50 Purse by Giovanni & Couture $10
Gold Beaded Top by Joseph Ribkoff, Size 6 , $67.50: Gold Bag by Giovanni & Couture (Vintage) $10: Black Glitter Pants by INC, Size 6, $28.50 (Pants Sold 05-01): Necklace $15.00


Silver/Gray Cocktail Dress by INC, Size M, $69.50
Silver/Gray Cocktail Dress by J, S. Boutique, Size.  4, $69.50


Black, Copper & Cream Chevron Dress by INC, Size M, $30
Black, Copper & Cream Chevron Dress by INC, Size M, $30