Made in Italy – Cream Eyelet and Lace Blouse – Size Small – Gently Used

Cotton eyelet blouse, made in Italy

Made in Italy

Just the thought conjures up visions of sleek sports cars, shoes custom designed to fit very pointy feet, and elegant clothing.

This lovely blouse was purchased by a mother for her daughter while on a trip to Italy. She scoured the boutiques until she found just what she wanted with the “made in Italy” tag. The delicate cream color makes it suitable for all seasons and is ideal alone or under a jacket or sweater.

Cotton eyelet blouse, made in Italy

Features cap sleeves with delicate lace trim on sleeves and hem.

FABRIC: Although not labeled, I suspect it is cotton.

CARE:  Hand wash separately in cold water. Lay flat to dry. Do not twist or ring.



Chest: 36″

Shoulder: 16″

Waist:  30″

Hip:  36″

Length (From back neckline.): 23″

Sleeve Length: Cap Sleeves

Note:  Colors. Monitors vary widely, so there may be some variation in color. The color is best noted in the description. 

Price comparison is based upon a percentage of the new, retail price.

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Pandora is Singing the Blues and So Am I


I know, reading my blog is like getting the Pacific Northwest weather report. With whispers of temperatures approaching the 80s this coming week, I am sitting wrapped in a black sweater and my fingers are blue from the cold. My Pandora radio station is wailing the blues and so am I, which is embarrassing when customers walk in. Hence the blues are heavy on my mind today. So I figure . . . go

Amidst a sea of brightly colored tops and blouses I picked a few fun blues to play with. Blues can be utterly pure, unaffected by the reds and yellows that pull them into shades of lilac or periwinkle, or turquoise and aqua.  Even if they decide to dance with these colorful neighbors, they remain ever blue.

From top left to right. Bue & White by Sonoma Size Small/Petite $5.00; Blue with Black Lace and Sequins by Espresso, Size M, $8.00; Dark Blue with Lace Cap Sleeves by Doe & Rae, Size L $15.00; Turquoise Tank by Tempted, Size S $7.00
From top left to right.  Blue & White by Sonoma, Size Small/Petite, $5.00;
Blue with Black Lace and Sequins by Espresso, Size M, $8.00;
Dark Blue with Lace Cap Sleeves by Doe & Rae, Size L, $15.00;
Turquoise Tank by Tempted, Size S, $7.00

Not to worry, the “tops” corner of reFresh is alive and kicking with color!

The Tops