Handbags Take Center Stage at reFresh Boutique

Working on product displays is a joy. The handbags have leapt from their high-rise accommodations, tethered to their  hooks, and have taken up residence on shelves placed squarely at eye level.  You can hold them, try them on for size and easily see what’s available.

The handbag is jewelry for your clothing. Necklaces and earrings pull your outfit together, but the purse is the ultimate accessory that broadcasts who you are. You want your favorite bags to last as long as possible right? Here are some tips that will help.

Protect your fabric bags with products appropriate to the task. Scotch Guard makes products for waterproofing and protecting both fabric and suede. If some questionable substance has the audacity to  besmirch your precious fabric bag, use a gentle cleaner such as diluted Woolite and a clean cloth. Once the bag is clean, apply fresh waterproofing.

Leather bags require treatment with products recommended for use on leather. Apply with a clean cloth and then buff with a clean dry cloth.


Handbags on display
reFresh offers a fine collection of purses from moderate to oo-la-la!

For storage, try to avoid the bottom of your closet floor. Yes. I’m guilty. Store your bags in a dry area covered in a bag cover or an old pillowcase. Don’t store them in plastic, as trapped moisture may cause damage. They are happiest stored upright with the handles crossed over one another. Stuff them with old scarves or acid-free paper to help them hold their shape.

With proper care, your bags can last for many years — and maybe even bring joy to someone else down the line.