General Store Policies


Tags indicating the number of items taken into a dressing room are required for everyone. Be sure to check at the front desk before entering the dressing room. There are no exceptions to this policy. Bring all of your items and the tag back to the front desk.


There is no public restroom. There is only one bathroom and it is a private area. It contains the owner’s personal belongings. It is where she washes her dishes, gets her drinking/coffee water, and fixes her makeup and hair.


The law respects our right to refuse service. Certain behaviors are not tolerated. Rudeness to other customers or staff, mishandling the merchandise, suspect behavior or behavior that makes others uncomfortable are a sample of things that may result in being asked to leave. Anyone entering the store intoxicated or under the influence will be immediately asked to leave. We take this stance to make the shopping experience pleasant for customers and to preserve the staff’s peace. This is our home away from home after all. Fortunately, these events are rare.

Pricing Policy


Pricing is based upon 70% off suggested retail. Items are rotated out of the store using a typical consignment model  Items on the floor longer than 30 days are reduced by 20%, longer than 60 days reduced by 40% and longer than 90 days reduced by 60%. After 120 days items may be donated or sold into another market.

Pricing and markdowns are determined by SKU numbers (those little numbers beneath the barcode). These numbers are posted on the menu board by the front door and you can pick up a card at the register to carry about with you.  If you see something you love, just check the SKU number against the menu and, low and behold, it just might be a bargain!


Sometimes labeling errors can occur. For example if something has a price marked at $0 or some other entirely implausible amount, it will be pulled from the floor, re-tagged and returned to the sales floor. Likewise, and $18.00 top mared at $1800, is a likely candidate for repricing. There was a short period n which we were using color-coded labels to indicated product mark downs. This turned out to be an idea wrought in a moment of insanity. So they have no meaning today.



Returns, Refunds, Gift Certificates, Holds


As is typical in the resale industry, we do not offer refunds or returns for credit. We encourage you to examine items carefully and to try them on to ensure they fit. We try to catch every defect, but we occasionally miss something.

Holiday Exception

For items purchased between the day after Thanksgiving and December 23rd, we will accept returns for store credit between December 27th and January 6th. Receipts are required for all returns. Sadly, our system will not generate gift receipts. If you hate the idea of including the receipt with your gift, may we suggest that you purchase a gift certificate instead.

Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates available in any denomination. The certificate must be presented at time of purchase.

Holding Items

We are not able to place items on hold.


Trading for Store Credit – An Alternative to Consignment

Consignment or Trade

Why Store Credit Instead of Consignment?

Consignment at reFresh is reserved for high-ticket items — items with a starting tag price of $75 or more. However, store credit is a great way to clean out your closet and find appreciative homes for your beloved, carefully maintained clothing. Everything that comes through this door is laundered and steamed to ensure that our inventory is clean and odor free. However, we really appreciate that the items you bring in be clean. Items that smell of cigarette smoke will be immediately rejected.

With consignment, the pay out can take between 20 and 180 days, depending on when/if the item sells. If the item sells quickly you get more, but if it lingers, the price and therefore your payout, drops, and you risk getting the item back.

The payout on items traded for store credit is less, but we are assuming all risks of the item selling — or not — and we take care of preparing the item for sale. You walk away with a clean closet, an account credit to use at your leisure and peace of mind that the job is done.

Our payout in store credit is based upon 33% of the 50% discounted original reFresh sales price.

NOTE: We sometimes discover defects in products when processing. Your account balance will be decreased for items that we are unable to sell. You will be emailed an explanation of the problem and have the option of picking up the defective garment or us tossing/donating it. 


  • Initial sales price of item is $100. It will likely sell for $50 (50% discount). We will pay out one-third of that amount in store credit of $16.50.  Any item with a starting price of $75 or more will be considered for consignment if you like. 
  • Initial sales price is $40. It will likely sell for $20 ($50% discount). We will pay out one-third of that amount in store credit of $6.60.

Whether you choose to consign or trade for store credit, you should check out  9 Tips to Avoid Consigning Hassles from

What We Need Today

  • Sweaters – All sizes
  • Tops – Size S, L, XL ,XXL
  • Dresses- Especially long sleeve, Day, Evening, Size S, L, XL, XXL
  • Coats – All Sizes
  • Scarves
  • Jewelry – Costume, All types.
  • Purses
  • Belts
  • Hats


We are not a typical consignment store. We go out and buy most of our inventory. We are delighed to take in items for store credit. We suggest thinking in terms of Macy’s and above for items to bring in. They should be clean and in like-new condition. Clothes that smell of cigarette smoke will not be accepted.

Trade Hours: Monday – Friday 10 – 1  & 3-5, Saturday 10-3  No appointment necessary

Brands We Do Not Accept:  This list changes frequently. It is not complete and changes from time to time as we encounter more low-end brands that do not fit our criteria.

  • Adam Levine


  • Canyon River Blues
  • Charlotte Russe
  • Cherokee


  • Faded Glory
  • Forever
  • Forever 21


  • Go Jane


  • Jacklyn Smith


  • Kmart


  • Merona
  • Metaphor
  • Mossimo


  • Niki Minaj


  • Old Navy



  • Say What
  • Simply Emma
  • Simply Styled


  • Target


  • Urban Behavior



  • Walmart
  • Wet Seal