Color! The Colors of Spring

Winter is tiptoeing out the door and color is dancing in its former place. Dresses, tops, sweaters and jackets in the hues of the season are gracing the racks at reFresh Boutique. Come in and experience the first tastes of the new season.

Separates are a great way to extend your wardrobe. Sweaters layered over skirts or pants. Add a statement  blouse and jewelry, and maybe even a purse to match.

LV Sweater & Skirt


Handbags Take Center Stage at reFresh Boutique

Working on product displays is a joy. The handbags have leapt from their high-rise accommodations, tethered to their  hooks, and have taken up residence on shelves placed squarely at eye level.  You can hold them, try them on for size and easily see what’s available.

The handbag is jewelry for your clothing. Necklaces and earrings pull your outfit together, but the purse is the ultimate accessory that broadcasts who you are. You want your favorite bags to last as long as possible right? Here are some tips that will help.

Protect your fabric bags with products appropriate to the task. Scotch Guard makes products for waterproofing and protecting both fabric and suede. If some questionable substance has the audacity to  besmirch your precious fabric bag, use a gentle cleaner such as diluted Woolite and a clean cloth. Once the bag is clean, apply fresh waterproofing.

Leather bags require treatment with products recommended for use on leather. Apply with a clean cloth and then buff with a clean dry cloth.


Handbags on display
reFresh offers a fine collection of purses from moderate to oo-la-la!

For storage, try to avoid the bottom of your closet floor. Yes. I’m guilty. Store your bags in a dry area covered in a bag cover or an old pillowcase. Don’t store them in plastic, as trapped moisture may cause damage. They are happiest stored upright with the handles crossed over one another. Stuff them with old scarves or acid-free paper to help them hold their shape.

With proper care, your bags can last for many years — and maybe even bring joy to someone else down the line.

Spring is Stealthily Slipping Out of Slumber

Spring is also stealthily creeping in to reFresh Boutique. Purses, tops, dresses and sweaters and evening wear are on the floor now, bringing with them a much anticipated kiss of color. My door is flung wide open  so I can enjoy the crisp, but ever warming afternoon and listen to the gulls sing.  The days grow longer and there’s even a hint of light when the store closes. I like this time of year, but then, I like the meanderings in and out of all of the seasons.

Spring dresses bring a touch of femininity that I embrace. I treasure the jewel tones of winter, but there comes a softness in spring fashion that lightens ones mood.


AQ & PNK Dress


Did I Mention About the Shoes? Or How to Get Free Shoes with Purchase.

I am a creature of order, and chaos sends me just one step over the edge. Yes. I am writing postcards from the edge.

To move us closer to our goal of being shoe free we are offering THREE (3) — Yes. That’s 3 free shoes with any purchase. Well to be more precise, that is three pairs of shoes, after all, unless you are a tripod, three shoes would not be of much help.

Shoe Mania

Spring tops are on the shelf now and so the reach of our winter BOGO sale shrinks just a tad, but still wonderful fall/winter sweaters, skirts, slacks, jackets and more. I’ll start with the dresses next. I’m sooo ready for spring.

And….did I mention . . . free shoes?



Shoe Mania 70% Price Reduction – February 15th – 27th

Periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and over activity. An excessive enthusiasm or desire; an obsession
  1. Plural noun: manias
    “She had a mania for shoes.”
    Shoe Mania
    Well I have a few obsessions myself. One is shoes, another is order. And right now I’m in shoe chaos, and feeling a need to clean it up and clear it out. Monday I’ll start setting out tubs of shoes. Each tub will be marked according to size and each shoe with its actual selling price — discounted 70%. Yes. I said tubs — more than 10 at my last count.

Nothing like bending over with your head in a large tote, tossin’ and a sortin’ your way to shoe nirvana. I get manic just thinking about it. Come join me in fulfilling my obsession while fulfilling yours.

Can a Coat be Magical?

Sometimes a garment seems to have a life of its own and transfers that magical life to its wearer. This coat is a perfect example. I’ve seen many women come into the shop and when they find this coat, a sense of awe settles over their countenance. They touch it. No. They caress it. They walk around it, surveying it from every angle and then they put it on. That is when the magic happens. The worries of the day are stripped away and a light shines from within them. Even the most shy are transformed into a Hollywood starlet from that golden era. They prance about the store, twirling this way and that. They flip the hem back as they turn. They wrap it possessively around their bodies. They toss their hair, preen and pirouette once more — loathe to take it off. I keep waiting for one of them to say, “All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

Each woman removes it slowly and replaces it on the mannequin. They give a final look as they walk toward the door. The coat has not found its muse…yet.

RED Coat
Size 10 – $30.00 – Included in the BOGO sale. It is a vivid red, which I’ve not been able to capture in photograph.


Brisk Walks in the Cool Dawn of Early Spring

This delightful pink, zip-front jacket is perfect for your early morning walks. The chill is still in the air as early spring approaches, but you’ll be snug and warm. The lightly embossed pattern adds character and style.

Pink Jacket on a hike
Meet Kylie, my alter ego avatar. She’ll be modeling for reFresh Boutique. She works for peanuts and that works for me.

Stillness and Quiet Settle the Soul — A 70% off Shoe Sale Doesn’t Hurt Much Either

This is one of those quiet days. The dust has settled from the past two weeks of making reFresh Boutique our own. I love the feel of fine fabrics and the allure of color, the glow of crystal chandeliers reflected in mirrors. reFresh is all of that — and more.

If you have been to reFresh before, I encourage you to come again. The store is arranged so that items are found by type, then size, then color. So, it’s easy to find your way around and to see what works for you. Thanks to my husband’s critical eye and hard work, the store is more open and light. There is more space to move about.

The lounge area offers free coffee, tea and water. The music is calm and relaxing.

View of main wall

And the BOGO (by one, get one free) sale is still in progress. (Includes clothing only — with the exception of jeans). Shoes are on sale for 70% off.

Diane vonFurstenberg Black & Red

This sweater dress by Dianne vonFurstenberg is the ultimate in body con, before body con was cool. It is for the brave woman, pinch her and wake her up. She’s in there.

Anne Klein Scarf and white sweater

For a less self-conscious look, this Central Park West sweater and Anne Klein scarf paired with a sleek black skirt or pants are a professional woman’s go-to wardrobe choice.

Orange Sweater and SkirtAn asymmetrical hemline is such an eye catcher. The Chico’s sweater tops it off nicely.


Winter Clearance Continues with Buy One Get One Free

I’m not sure how much longer the madness will continue, but continue it does. Treasure abound for the curious shopper. This is a true BOGO sale — Buy One Get One Free.

Valentine’s Day approaches and that mean special dinners, plays and other romantic events. reFresh Boutique has a large selection of quality clothing for you to choose from.

Blue quilted jacket with black skirtWbite and gold jacket on black skirt.jpgPink Wool Coat

A True BOGO Sale – Starting February 1st

BOGO Sale WebMy husband simply goes nuts when he sees ads for BOGO sales, and then the fine print says the second one is half price. “Noooooo!” he rails, utterly incensed. “That is just wrong! That is not what BOGO means.” And so it goes for another few blocks after we’ve passed the offensive sign. So, would I dare to do anything other than a true BOGO — Buy One Get One FREE?

The dust is still settling as we refine our new business to suit our style, and you reap the benefits as we start clearing out the winter inventory to make way for spring and summer. Starting today, February first, reFresh Boutique will be holding a true BOGO sale. The sale will continue until further notice. Purchase one item and choose a second item of equal or lesser value for free.

And who, you might wonder, lives behind the glass at reFresh Boutique? What ghosts lurk in the shadows as you shop? It is a fine parade of threads that host the imprints of some of the world’s most respected designers, be they contemporary or vintage. Perhaps a little number by Michael Kors will capture your fancy, or Ann Taylor. Peek around another corner and Mary Frances Purse Outsideyou’ll see Cabi, Banana Republic, Nordstrom. The list of fine designer houses is overwhelming. A beautiful Kate Spade tote would make shopping a pleasure. A most stunning purse by Mary Frances or Coach would adorn your arm in impeccable style.

Shoes, boots and handbags galore, for all of you shoe fanciers, reFresh is your haven.