How to Manage the Monster Purse

When the Monster Purse Threatens to Devour

We all love them — those over-the-top, huge, monster bags. I’m convinced  there are sea monsters living inside, that steal my goods and carry them to the depths of my cavernous bags. So, how do you keep them from devouring your money, makeup and other tiny treasures? Small bags within the purse.

You can find them at any thrift or resale shop. Small cosmetics cases, clutches and more — often for as little as a couple of dollars, and many in great shape. They’re well priced because people just don’t carry small purses anymore. We are determined that the hubris of our lives must follow us wherever we go, and so has grown the popularity of monster bags.


However could I leave the house without a full set of makeup. You know. On the off chance a torrential downpour wreaks havoc on my carefully constructed face. And horrors! My hair! Must have at the least a brush and some mousse or hairspray. Keys, of course, to every conceivable keyhole, inside and outside my domain. And don’t even get me started on what happens when there are small children in tow.

It’s a juggling match, but one that the bags-within-the-purse method manages well. I have one for makeup. I’m an Ipsy fan and so this month, my makeup bag has a huge set of red lips on it.

I keep my keys on a grappling hook and attach it to the strap of my bag. This serves dual purposes. I’ve never lost my keys since I adopted this habit, because they are there in plain site and I just feel “off” of they aren’t attached. And, no more digging about in the bottom of my Hermione Granger sized bag for desperately needed keys. Don’t you just hate that moment of panic, feeling about blindly in the dark, when you can’t find anything but loose change, gum wrappers and dust bunnies. Oh yes. I have a money bag too — not to be confused with my billfold — this one is only for cash. I find that all that change tends to reduce my lovely billfold to a misshapen mass of leather and causes it to wear out prematurely.

It’s easy to keep those monster purses under control with a little thought and organization.  If your carry a designer bag that you may want to sell at a later date, this type of organization will protect the lining , adding to its resale value. You may even want to add a small bag for trash, then you don’t have to worry about a dust bunny bite.