New Direction as reFresh Boutique Focuses on Online Store

reFresh Boutique Builds Online Store

The doors are closed and the lights are out, but that is not the end of reFresh Boutique. More and more, online sales are dominating the market; pushing out the likes of Penny’s, Macy’s and more. It’s a different world that we are entering. I have to confess I have concerns about our future as a society as we become more and more isolated, more and more autonomous. However, whether I think it is a good thing or not, I have to get on board.

Many of my clients hate online shopping — saying that they have to touch, examine, try on. The important thing in this modern world of the online store is shopping with someone you trust. reFresh Boutique is synonymous with quality. Clothes are clean and in like-new condition, or they were not put up for sale. That will not change. My name is behind everything I sell it is important to me that reFresh be recognized as a safe place to shop.

Follow reFresh on eBay and stay up to date on new offerings.  If you’re out and about and missing the URL, just Google reFresh Boutique on eBay and you’ll find the link easily.

In future posts I will be writing about how to shop online successfully. As well, I’ll be putting together outfits with links to their online store location.

Online shopping is fun and, when done with a little care, can be quite rewarding.


2 Replies to “New Direction as reFresh Boutique Focuses on Online Store”

  1. HI GUYS! Wanted to have my NEW email we all changed due to a Control Issue. WICKED CELLARS closing after the 15th of July..ref. etc for sale we having bought anything yet….nice tables but to big for our new place. NEVER bought clothes on line….might try…we got great things last week…sad to see a sign in your window. TAKE CARE! Linnea and Chris Covington

    1. Thanks, Linnea. We really appreciate your support during the sale. So sad to hear that Wicked Cellars is leaving. The man that hauled away our stuff at the store, said he recently has done the hauling for EIGHT business on Wetmore alone. OMG Downtown Everett 🙁

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