Pattern Mash-ups & Making the Most of Resale

Pattern Mash-ups 101 – Resale Wardrobe Hints

We all like to play in the safe sandbox, where we won’t make any faux pas. But it’s fun to play in a dodgier area when it comes to fashion.

I often see ladies pick out a brilliant pattern and then express bewilderment as to what to match it with. Surely such a bold pattern must surely cry out for a solid partner. But patterns can play well together when you know a few rules.

Being able to work with patterns effectively will greatly improve your resale shopping experience.  reFresh Boutique recently held a class on pattern matching. It turned out to be so much fun, that I’m sure we will repeat it later in the summer.  I put together a dozen different outfits, all of which bravely mashed up patterns that might have boggled the mind until they were seen working together. Then the ladies were encouraged to walk about the shop and put together their own mash-ups.

I had put together a hand-out that was much to onerous to print and have attached it here for you.

Pattern Mashups 101