Membership Rewards – reFresh Loyalty Club Program

reFresh Offers Powerful Membership Rewards

We offer a customer loyalty program with several valuable benefits.

  • Earn points for purchases. When you accumulate 100 points you will enjoy a 20% discount on your next visit.
  • $20 gift credit applied to your account on your birthday.
  • Invitations to sales not available to the public.
  • Special inventory clearance pricing, known as “Loyalty” pricing that only you have access to.

What is Loyalty pricing?

Probably the most valuable perk of our membership rewards, is loyalty pricing. You will find that some of the tags in the store have the word “LOYALTY” printed right on them. These are clearance items. In the past, I’ve donated such items, but I’ve decided it’s time that those that are closest to reFresh should benefit. As you can see, these tags offer you 60% – 90% of our original prices.

membership rewards

So, how do you become a Loyalty Club Member? It’s easy.

All it requires is your name, address, email and your birth month and date. No fees.