To the Ends of the Earth – Art Prints and Canvas

Available as Art Prints or Canvas

The romance of a ship headed out for uncharted waters — this is a thing of the distant past. And yet we can’t seem to let go of the image and the desire to explore — to dream.

Where will your ship take you?


Art prints are a wonderful way to add color and emotion to your home or office. Art can bring calm to a medical office waiting room. Or, it can even bring a smile when one is most needed.

Art in the home is your ultimate form of self expression. It’s that final touch that either pulls a room together or, with a loud scream for attention, stands all on its own.


Kylie Sabra is a digital artist living in the Pacific Northwest. Her gallery is located in Everett, Washington at her store, reFresh Boutique & Art Gallery. 

Printed on Photo Paper

Superb photo paper comes in satin is 10 mil thick white, acid free paper for maximum gamut and longevity. Easily framed or laminated, it also looks exceedingly good on its own. It is sure to make a maximum impact anywhere it is displayed.

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Printed on Wrapped Canvas

Our canvas is a thick 350 gsm 2×1 19 mil, Ph-neutral, poly-cotton canvas that’s perfect for photo or art reproduction. Combined with OEM archival water-based inks and the glossy surface, this canvas will yield the maximum color saturation, contrast and longevity available today.

  • Advantages:
    High saturation
    High contrast
    Deep blacks
    No cracks


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