Christmas Shopping Getting Too Expensive? Try Thriftmas Shopping.

Christmas Shopping Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

I was doing some research online as I strive to be the master of my own web presence. Sometimes I run across something that just jumps out at me. This morning I encountered the term “thriftmas”. Genius!

Moving on past the fact that this is a prime example of the commercialization of Christmas — well that boat sailed long ago — the word had a powerful impact on me as the owner of a resale boutique.

Christmas Shopping Magic

What if Christmas shopping could be less stressful?  What if you could buy beautiful gifts and still have money left to treat your family to a memorable event during the holidays?

You can! Thriftmas shopping is the answer. Give the gift of fashion that your friends and family will truly appreciate. They’ll think you spent a fortune, unless you come clean and tell them where they can go to find more beautiful clothing at a price they can afford too. In other words, share the love.

Shop with confidence. reFresh Boutique is accepting returns for store credit through January 6, 2017. (Receipt required.) And gift certificates are always a treat.