What Color Was That? — Color Names and Their Subtle Nuances

You may have realized at this point that I am starting an online store. Hang in there. I figure at this rate I’ll have 50 items by year’s end. Just kidding. As I continue to work, I am discovering ways to make the process faster and easier.¬†There is one aspect that was a hurdle for me — until this morning.

Color Names

Computer monitors are different, and matching colors perfectly between the real item and the photographed version is tricky at best. I rely heavily on the name of the color, but until now have been limited to such colorful (no pun intended) descriptions as light, medium and dark. I’m a writer, right? I should be able to do better.

My mornings generally start with of marketing research and studying every aspect of running reFresh Boutique. This morning found me doing the happy dance when, while searching for something altogether different, I stumbled across a wonderfully executed image of color blocks with¬†color names. Thank you, True Blue, Me & You: DIY’s for Creatives.

So when you’re looking for the perfect word to describe a color give these a try.

Color Names WhitesColor Names YellowsColor Names RedsColor Names BluesColor Names Greens/BrownsColor Names Greys / Blacks