Weeknight Dinner Crunch Got You Down – Dinner in the Mail May be the Answer

Scott and I both work long hours and getting a healthy meal on the table at night was becoming a major stressor in our lives. It’s not just the actual cooking of the meal, there is also the menu planning, shopping and storing. The end of a long day might find us picking up fast food as we we are just too tired to contemplate preparing an as-yet-unidentified meal. Those three fast food meals a week quickly added up to about $45 a week — not to mention the food we threw out at home because it had gone uneaten. Said food might sit in the fridge until it had an adequate fur coat on it to assuage our guilt. After all, we were “cleaning the fridge” not tossing out wasted food.


One day I received an offer of $40 off a food box from Hello Fresh. I did a bit of research before placing my order. I read reviews and looked at their menus. I was delighted to find they use only organic produce; humanely raised, grain-/grass-fed animals and fresh-caught fish and seafood.

It’s been about three months now. At first Scott was reluctant because he felt it was expensive ($86 for five meals). I was willing to pay a bit more for the convenience, but in time we realized that we were only visiting the grocery store two to three times a month for health & beauty and paper products. This was a huge savings as there were far fewer impulse buys. Additionally, we rarely throw food away, which means we are no longer throwing cold, hard cash into the garbage bin.We simply add tofu and oatmeal for breakfast, and soup and fresh-baked bread from our bread machine for lunch.

Another plus is that we are eating far more healthfully. The menus are calorie controlled, most in the 600-700 range, which is not bad for the main meal. We are eating more fruits and vegetables. The recipes are easy to follow and take at the most 30-40 minutes from start to finish. And now, we even take turns in the kitchen. So every other day one of us has a night off.

Our favorite feature is that we are eating different food every night. We had fallen into a dinner rut, which was at least in part responsible for our forays to the quickie food stops on the way home–albeit also boring. We are trying new herbs and spices, learning how to use vegetables and grains to fill us up while keeping calories down. We experiment with new grains — some we had not heard of prior to. These are lessons that will stay with us even if we decide to terminate our Hello Fresh plan — gods forbid.

If you’ve held back assuming you might go hungry on one of these fresh boxed dinner offerings, let me put your mind at rest. The meals are tasty, attractive and satisfying. Sometimes we have to do a double take at just how large servings are. Plans are for two- and four-member families and you can choose from either three meals a week or five.

Hello Fresh is just one of many companies offering boxed dinner options, and just happens to be the one we chose. A little homework will guide you to a program that is right for you.


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