Pricing Policy


Pricing is based upon 70% off suggested retail. Items are rotated out of the store using a typical consignment model  Items on the floor longer than 30 days are reduced by 20%, longer than 60 days reduced by 40% and longer than 90 days reduced by 60%. After 120 days items may be donated or sold into another market.

Pricing and markdowns are determined by SKU numbers (those little numbers beneath the barcode). These numbers are posted on the menu board by the front door and you can pick up a card at the register to carry about with you.  If you see something you love, just check the SKU number against the menu and, low and behold, it just might be a bargain!


Sometimes labeling errors can occur. For example if something has a price marked at $0 or some other entirely implausible amount, it will be pulled from the floor, re-tagged and returned to the sales floor. Likewise, and $18.00 top mared at $1800, is a likely candidate for repricing. There was a short period n which we were using color-coded labels to indicated product mark downs. This turned out to be an idea wrought in a moment of insanity. So they have no meaning today.