A Space to Breathe


Shopping can be such a frenetic experience. We find ourselves running here and there looking for that perfect piece to add to our wardrobe. Loud music blares in the background, people elbow each other in crowded walkways. Is this really what we want when we just need some retail therapy? What if it could be different? What if the pace were slower, more relaxed? What if you could take a break, sit back and sip a glass of iced tea or cider; read a magazine or thumb through a book?  It is my desire to create such an environment.

reFresh provides a brief respite from the day’s challenges. I often see women swaying gently to the music, eyes closed, lost in reverie. They have said that the boutique calms them and I can’t help but smile and inwardly comment, “Mission accomplished.”

Relax with a glass of iced tea.
Relax with a glass of iced tea.


Earrings Blo

I keep the boutique much as I do my home and in many ways it is my home. I’m certainly here more hours. Grins.