Why We Love Handbags

Why do we love handbags? If it were merely a matter of carrying about our daily survival kit — well, a kit bag would do just fine. It holds everything you need. Even has little pockets for this, that and the other. But . . . It does seem to be lacking in character.

Kit Bag

The handbag, for many of us, is an expression of our personality. It says either, “She’s feeling well put together, walking taller. She likes being noticed.” Or, it shrugs and says, “She could carry me every day until my handles crack and the duct tape just won’t hold me together anymore.” They both smile and say, “She loves me.”

Some of us carry the same black bag — because of course black goes with everything — every day, and never give it a thought. For others, though, the handbag is an extension of their wardrobe; no different than donning the perfect necklace or the singly appropriate shade of eye shadow. It simply must all work together.

“So that’s it!  IT’S AN INVESTMENT”


For some, the handbag is a bit of affordable luxury — a status symbol that lasts for years and in some cases actually increases in value. So, that’s it!  IT’S AN INVESTMENT! Well not always,  but still it is a way to tell the world that you know and are passionate about fashion.

Dooney & Bourke $75.00
Dooney & Bourke

It isn’t always about status. The fact is, a well-designed bag will hold up for years, whereas their lesser counterparts might be lucky to make it through a season. We are all individual, with unique ideas about what is an is not important to us.


So. Why do you love handbags?