Flash Flash Flash – Ahh The Joys of a Live Model

Time for a break from my avatar as the reFresh model. Ashleigh Lee is the Fashion Merchandising Intern at the boutique.  Her time here is nearly through and I will miss her indeed. We took a break from tagging, bookkeeping and . . . tagging . . . to shoot some pictures.

Thank you, Ashleigh for all that you’ve brought to reFresh this past month. I wish you the very brightest future.

Asheigh Montage

From left to right:

Blue/Green/White Dress: By Crown & Ivy, Size 4, $27.00

B&W Dress: By Brat Star, Size M, $24.00

Ivory Lace Dress: By Encrene , Size S, $27.50

Pink Dress and Scarf: Dress By L8ter, Size S, $16.00. Scarf by Xiane Mei $10.00