Magic of Merchandising

I was frustrated by the lack of surfaces available for merchandising. Merchandising is more than just arranging items for ease of shopping, it’s that little special touch that pulls the eye and adds elegance. By moving the shelves out of the window and down to the floor level, I accomplished a couple of desirable results — much needed merchandising space and a bright open feel to the store. And now you can see the beautiful mirrors and chandeliers from the street. I hope you enjoy the changes.

Letting in the light



Golden bags




Donna Morgan Gown is Peach Melba Bliss

Donna Morgan is renown for her cocktail, prom and evening gowns. This little peach gown is dance ready. The color warms the skin and its diaphanous over skirt brings life as you twirl about the floor. And you simply can’t help but twirl when you are wearing this lovely gown.

Donna Morgan gowns are found at stores like Nordstrom and Anthropologie in the $300+ range.

Peach Gown by Donna Morgan, Size 2 $96.00
Peach Gown by Donna Morgan, Size 2 $96.00

Slim Down. Shape Up. Save 30% On the Clothes to Wear.


All fitness wear is 30% off. Summer is just around the corner and time to get into shorts shape. Let reFresh help slim down your budget while you slim down your  . . . well, whatever it is you need to slim down.

(Couldn't resist.)
(Couldn’t resist.)

You’ll find fitwear from the likes of Nike, Karma, Michael Kors, Zenergy, Lou & Gray, Juicy Couture and more.


Marc by Marc Jacobs


This sweet summer dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs is such fun. colors are orange and white, as bright as a summer sunset. The little circles are comprised of ever so many white sequins. Make a splash when you step out this summer.

Look for more designer fashions at reFresh Boutique as we continue to evolve.

Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs Size Small $80.00 Purse by Nine West $8.00
Dress by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Size Small
Purse by Nine West $8.00

Pandora is Singing the Blues and So Am I


I know, reading my blog is like getting the Pacific Northwest weather report. With whispers of temperatures approaching the 80s this coming week, I am sitting wrapped in a black sweater and my fingers are blue from the cold. My Pandora radio station is wailing the blues and so am I, which is embarrassing when customers walk in. Hence the blues are heavy on my mind today. So I figure . . . go

Amidst a sea of brightly colored tops and blouses I picked a few fun blues to play with. Blues can be utterly pure, unaffected by the reds and yellows that pull them into shades of lilac or periwinkle, or turquoise and aqua.  Even if they decide to dance with these colorful neighbors, they remain ever blue.

From top left to right. Bue & White by Sonoma Size Small/Petite $5.00; Blue with Black Lace and Sequins by Espresso, Size M, $8.00; Dark Blue with Lace Cap Sleeves by Doe & Rae, Size L $15.00; Turquoise Tank by Tempted, Size S $7.00
From top left to right.  Blue & White by Sonoma, Size Small/Petite, $5.00;
Blue with Black Lace and Sequins by Espresso, Size M, $8.00;
Dark Blue with Lace Cap Sleeves by Doe & Rae, Size L, $15.00;
Turquoise Tank by Tempted, Size S, $7.00

Not to worry, the “tops” corner of reFresh is alive and kicking with color!

The Tops

How Clothes Become A Part of the reFresh Boutique Family – OH! And a Gorgeous Coach Bag for Spring

People always ask me if there is anything new and I always answer, “There’s always something new.” I’ve received and placed on the sales floor over 230 items since the first of April. The boutique comprises a somewhat eclectic family. Who might you see on any given visit? And these are just the ones that walked in this month — so far.

reFresh is working diligently to upgrade the quality of fashion we offer. A customer commented, out of the blue, the other day that they noticed the difference. That makes me smile – – big time.

Just in time for spring, this gorgeous Coach bag.

Coach Lavender Bag, Pristine Condition $80
Coach Lavender Bag, Pristine Condition $80





Flash Flash Flash – Ahh The Joys of a Live Model

Time for a break from my avatar as the reFresh model. Ashleigh Lee is the Fashion Merchandising Intern at the boutique.  Her time here is nearly through and I will miss her indeed. We took a break from tagging, bookkeeping and . . . tagging . . . to shoot some pictures.

Thank you, Ashleigh for all that you’ve brought to reFresh this past month. I wish you the very brightest future.

Asheigh Montage

From left to right:

Blue/Green/White Dress: By Crown & Ivy, Size 4, $27.00

B&W Dress: By Brat Star, Size M, $24.00

Ivory Lace Dress: By Encrene , Size S, $27.50

Pink Dress and Scarf: Dress By L8ter, Size S, $16.00. Scarf by Xiane Mei $10.00

Escada Unleashes the RAWR

This is quintessential Escada — a piece that doesn’t just make a statement, it RAWRS! Retailing at around $2500.00, it can be yours at reFresh for a mere $750.00 This suit is in pristine condition. Exquisitely crafted and meticulously cared for. reFresh carries items to please a wide array of tastes and budgets.

Model - Ashleigh Lee, reFresh Boutique's star intern.
Model – Ashleigh Lee, reFresh Boutique’s star intern.

Escada Inset