Catch of the Day – March 29th

The “Catch of the Day” is a new feature of the blog to give you an idea of what comes into the store on a regular basis. You can see the quality of brands, variety of selection and sizes we offer.  So, stay tuned for the catch of the day. This is the short list. It would be impractical to list everything that we take in!


Catch of the Day 03-29-16


What’s in the Window? – Crisp Black and Whites

It’s the first day of spring! Finally. I’ve been hinting at it for weeks and it’s finally here. And in joyous Seattle style — rainy and cloudy. Would you have expected otherwise?


Starting left to right —

  • This ivory lace dress would make a lovely wedding dress, if you are looking for something simple with a vintage flair.
    • Necklace – $10
    • Dress – by 726 West, Size S, $35.00
  • Ivory & Black Dress
    • Necklace – by Lia Sophia Kiam Family $65.00
    • Dress by Enfocus, Size 6, $7.50
  • Black & White Dotted Swiss
    • Necklace $14.50
    • Dress – by Alfred Angelo, Size 10, $24.00
  • Black & White Pant Set
    • Necklace $10.00
    • Jacket & Shell – by Onyx Nite, Size L, $35.00
      • The fabric has a silver glitter effect.
    • Pants – by Classiques Entier, Size 10, $20.00


Color Me Beautiful

Jodie Solberg of Mary Kay Cosmetics will be here Tuesday, March 29th from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.  She will be teaching a class on color and how it works with your skin tone. You will learn how to make educated choices in color selection for both makeup and fashion.

We will serve coffee, tea and dessert from the New Mexican restaurant. I have to say that the pastry chef at the New Mexican is second to none. The dessert alone is worth the trip, but even better is the chance to have a girls’ night out. If you’ve not been to reFresh in a while, this is a great chance to see the brand new reFresh Boutique under its new ownership.

Bring a lawn chair or your favorite blanket and pillow to be sure of a comfy seat.

Jodi Solberg
Jodie Solberg, Mary Kay Consultant

Lovingly submitted,

Kylie Addison Sabra

Brilliantly Colored and Flirty

I have always hated the time change. Springing forward sounds lovely until you realize that it costs you an hour of treasured sleep. Just like a farm-yard chicken, I feel it to my bones and it takes me a couple of weeks to recover.

What I do love though, is closing the store and having it still be daylight out. The sun shining brightly reminds me that summer is just around the corner and with it walks in the nearby woods and picnics on the beach

This little sun dress by Bijou Bijou really puts me in the mood for sunlit days that stretch deep into the night.

BL & OR Dress
Bijou Bijou Size 6 $16.00

More Freshness at reFresh Boutique

Thanks to the clever work my husband Scott did in rearranging the store layout, the space is open, light and airy. Some would even think that perhaps we did not have as much to offer for sale as before. However, there are indeed five additional racks of clothing. So . . . no worries! There is plenty to explore at reFresh Boutique. Although I would like to see more, we also have a respectable offering of plus size clothing just ready to greet this glorious spring. Clothing is arranged by type and size, so it’s easy to find your way around the store.

We will be hosting parties and events throughout the months and years to come. The lounge area provides a comfortable place for friends, husbands or boyfriends to wait while you shop and try on clothing. And all are free to help themselves to a cup of hot coffee or tea. Sometimes the lounge area becomes a place where hearts are bared and laughter and tears are shared.

I am so grateful that the beautiful artwork of Camille Nasin still graces the store. My own art will join in soon. There is a charm that you can only enjoy with a building that is nearly 100 years old. She is like a dowager countess — a bit past her prime, her fingernail polish slightly chipped, but still embodies the grace and charm of a past age.

reFresh Boutique Lounge
reFresh Boutique Lounge

Toward Back

Evening, sweaters Jackets


Shorts & Skirts




Lovingly submitted,


“The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” Clairee Belcher

And I couldn’t say it  better, Clairee.

Baubels & Beads

I’ve been busy busy busy tagging and displaying jewelry. The pieces range from elegant to whimsical from OMG cheap to “gulp” — and worth every penny. Indeed, there is a delectable nugget for everyone’s taste and  budget.

Lovingly submitted,


A Sweet Sweater with Subtle Charm

This sweater is incredibly detailed and simply lovely. The insert is more true to color and gives a nice closeup of the beading details. It features subtle touches not seen often these days. The placket is even trimmed with ribbon in a contrasting green. Such a novel addition, given that it would not even be visible if the sweater were fully buttoned.

Several have tried it on and fell in love with it. It needs a small frame. Even though it states that it is a size M, it seems to be smaller. The true color is a delicate pink. (See inset.)

Pink Sweater
Spy Zone Exchange Size M (the size runs small) $24.50

Sundresses and Rain

At this time of year Seattle weather plays the role of coquettish tease. One day it is nearly 70 the next, we’re lucky to hit 50 and frost nips our heels in the night. But our time is coming! The cherry blossoms are in bloom and the sun is shining bright today — I might add for the first time in 18 consecutive days. Yes. I am breathing a sigh of relief.

The Ann Taylor dress below is just one of the beautiful spring/summer dresses we have in stock.

Ann Taylor Loft Sundress Size 4 $23.50
Ann Taylor Loft Sundress
Size 4



Treasures in a Dark Corner

Treasures still lurk in the backroom and I take great joy in uncovering them. I found this collection of handkerchiefs in a dark forgotten corner, tucked neatly into a hand embroidered linen pouch (top right). Carefully pinned to the pouch was this note.

“Handkerchiefs from early 30s from brother at sea & two aunts from Nova Scotia. (Dad’s sisters.)”

These delightful memoirs of past lives are more than eighty years old. The imagination soars with stories as to how these delicate handkerchiefs came to be in the hands of a man traveling upon the seas. Were they talismans of good luck for a safe journey? Were they for a sweetheart in a far away land?

Handkerchif Shot

I suppose we will never know their stories, and yet I find myself carried  back to a time when ladies carried beautiful handkerchiefs — often embroidered and adorned by their own hands. Some were made of fine linen or Chinese silk, which was a sign of a woman of means.

Today’s paper substitutes lack the charm and usefulness of yesterday’s handkerchief. A handkerchief was reserved for the discreet dabbing of tears yet unshed.  The handkerchief protected delicate nostrils from the indelicate odors of city life — saturated with perfumes and held to the nose. This little square of cloth even served as a tool for coy flirtations, the handkerchief was a great opener for conversation. “Excuse me, ma’am. Did you drop this?”, he would ask with a winning smile and a knowing glimmer in his eyes. A borrowed white handkerchief edged in blue nearly always found its way into a bride’s trousseau.