Take Spring One Step at a Time


It’s time to remind everyone to not be so hard on themselves. We’ve been in hibernation during this winter. We’ve enjoyed richer foods that comforted and warmed us on those cold dark  nights. Shorter days meant less exercise. I see women come into the boutique with such high expectations as they try on the first of the spring clothing. Some leave in tears. I totally get the disappointment and the struggle. Be gentle on yourself. Self flagellation isn’t going to help, and likely will make things worse.

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Tender green leaves escape dark brown cages of bark. Cherry blossoms reach for the sun. Spring is a time of breaking out and starting fresh. Spring is also a time of new beginnings for us as well. We can leave the drabness of winter behind, break from of our cocoons and chase the sun. We will never be perfect — at least not in our own eyes. Perfection is overrated and often stymies our efforts to step out of our comfort zones.

As for spring fashion? Start slow. The outfit below is a perfect example of how to ease into your spring body. Longer shorts give coverage to thighs that may be less “perfect” than you would like. The beautiful pink embroidery draws the eye away from hips and tummy. The look is soft and feminine. Feel like spring. The rest will follow.

YL Sweater & Striped Shorts