Shoe Mania 70% Price Reduction – February 15th – 27th

Periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and over activity. An excessive enthusiasm or desire; an obsession
  1. Plural noun: manias
    “She had a mania for shoes.”
    Shoe Mania
    Well I have a few obsessions myself. One is shoes, another is order. And right now I’m in shoe chaos, and feeling a need to clean it up and clear it out. Monday I’ll start setting out tubs of shoes. Each tub will be marked according to size and each shoe with its actual selling price — discounted 70%. Yes. I said tubs — more than 10 at my last count.

Nothing like bending over with your head in a large tote, tossin’ and a sortin’ your way to shoe nirvana. I get manic just thinking about it. Come join me in fulfilling my obsession while fulfilling yours.