reFresh Boutique – Upscale Resale & Consignment for Women

Upscale Resale & Consignment — Boutique Experience


reFresh Boutique is located in the vibrant Historic District of downtown Everett, Washington. We are an upscale resale boutique that provides carefully curated fashion for discerning women. The boutique is operated by Kylie Sabra. Kylie is a digital artist and novelist and a curator of beautiful things.

The boutique features a French-influenced theme and is beautifully decorated with chandeliers and a clean, open layout. Classical music soothes the shopper’s soul and many find the experience to be peaceful and the perfect escape from a hectic world. Video tour available below.

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Clothing is carefully curated for quality and design.

Pricing is based upon 70% of retail and items are set on a gradually reducing pricing structure based upon their length of time in the boutique.  That means that something is always on sale.lounge

reFresh also houses a gallery featuring the artwork of Kylie Sabra.